Letters to the Editor
Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Well, if I could make one change to the educational system, that would have the greatest impact on the future prosperity of this nation, it would be: to make personal finance coursework a requirement, every year. Think of all the sociology students in this nation, all the marine biologists, all the english majors replaced by productive members of society! I've thought about this many times, but yesterday was the last straw.

Last night I was watching the O'Rielly Factor on Fox News, Bill was talking to a lady that just lost her home (actually, she rented it). She talked about loading their three cars with everything they owned, pulling out of the driveway realizing that they would never see their stuff again. Everything lost, Bill reiterates, but you do have insurance, right? "No we don't have renter's insurance." WHAT???? Then she tells a story about a small fire they had, she told her husband they should get renters insurance...eight months ago...they just never got around to it.

You know, renters insurance is free. Especially when you have three cars. You get a discount on your car insurance when you have it. Now I doubt she needed a million dollars worth of insurance, but they could have picked up $10,000 to $30,000 worth of insurance for absolutely no cost. But instead my tax dollars will go to some federal disaster relief to bail out these people. Its not enough that I have to pay for all sorts of insurance, I get to pay for those without enough common sense to take care of themselves. So instead of sending money to help out these helpless souls, we ought to be pushing for education reform. This will never happen. The smarter people become the more they will earn in their lifetimes. They become more independent, less dependent on the government. They have more optimism for the future. More pride in their communities. This spells disaster for the Democratic party whose core mission is to keep people poor, stupid and dependent upon them. This makes me mad, I better go make sure my insurance is up to date before I say something I regret.
Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Having just moved to Seattle from Denver, I have a lot to learn. Particularly about the business history in the Puget Sound region. However, it doesn't take long to realize that Boeing has had a major inpact on this region. Sunday's Seattle Times had some great articles discussing the possible "end game" with Boeing. They analyzed various scenarios of the region without Boeing. There seems to be a consensus that everything will be alright without them. Letter writers seem to feel that Boeing should just leave, further proof that sociology and political science students don't understand business or economics. In an effort to be optimistic, I think the region is being quite naive. The main school of thought is: we have such a diversified economy now that we will be just fine. The Puget Sound does have a diversified economy, however, the same forces that are driving Boeing from the state will eventually drive hightech out too! The state's business and occupational tax makes it hard to justify locating a business here, coupled with other higher minimum wage, high cost of living, ergonomic mandates, etc. Eventually, shareholders are going to push for their companies to move to less expensive markets. Whether that be Boise or Colorado Springs or anywhere else. The state needs to be as aggressive in catering to all businesses as it is to keeping Boeing. The anti-business extremists need to be ignored, for the sake of this beautiful state and its future.
Monday, October 27, 2003
A thousand letters never sent. Every morning I read the Wall Street Journal and the Seattle Times and a host of other news pages. I would write daily to the editors, but eventually I'd go broke on postage, or be blacklisted. So I am starting this blog. I'm a little late to the game, but I need an outlet to share my views. I believe in free-market capitalism, the U.S. Constitution which provides for limited government and personal freedom, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ which holds us accountable for the decisions we make and enables us to be forgiven of our mistakes. Through these lenses I see the world, and from which I derive my views. Now, I doubt anyone will ever read this page, but if this blog helps one misguided liberal find their way, one communist earn their own way, one democrat abandon class warfare, it will have been well worth it.

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